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BETTERSOCCERTIPS.COM is run by well-known tipsters, who have been in Top 3 profitable tipsters for a long time. BST is a premium soccer betting advisory service, providing you with professional, secure, and reliable soccer betting tips to help you generate consistent profits every match day. Our tipsters spend more than 12 hours a day on analyzing. Information is carefully gathered, micro-analyzed and selectively hand-picked by our tipsters, to the highest confidence for every match day, all year round. Our tipsters are taking the Asian Handicaps soccer betting industry by storm, and will continue to produce stunningly accurate soccer picks, consistently over time!
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   Latest 5 BST-White tips results


Date Match Tip (type)  Result Verdict
16/04/21 Leipzig vs Hoffenheim      
15/04/21 Manchester Utd vs Granada  Manchester Utd-1  2-0
14/04/21 Dortmund vs Manchester City  Over/Under 3.25  1-2  
13/04/21 Paris SG vs Bayern   Over/Under 3.5  0-1  
12/04/21 Hoffenheim vs Bayer  Over/Under 3  0-0  
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   Latest 5 BST- Ice tips results 


Date Match Tip (type)  Result Verdict
16/04/21 Lille vs Montpellier      
15/04/21 Villarreal vs D. Zagreb  Over/Under 2.5  2-1  lose
14/04/21 Liverpool vs Real Madrid  Over/Under 3  0-0
13/04/21 Chelsea vs Porto   Over/Under 2.5  0-1
12/04/21 Brighton vs Everton  Over/Under 2.5  0-0  
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